Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Global II: Review for EVERYONE

Global Regents Review for EVERYONE & ANYONE is on the following days:

Wednesdays, 2:00-3:00, Ross 2700 wing with Mr. Formato
Thursdays, 2:00-3:00, Sonderling Room 2531 with Mr. Bien

You are expected to be there prior to 2:10 and not leave before review ends.  Bus passes will be provided.  If you get picked up, arrange your ride to meet you at 3 pm. 

If you had trouble in Global I, failed any marking period in Global I, failed any marking period in Global II, have trouble with Global, or just did not do your part as a student you should be in both reviews every week...or risk getting left back.

My understanding is there will be no summer school for 10th graders, 11th graders, or Global II offered for those Seniors who may have summer school as an option (since this is a 10th grade course, not a 12th grade one.)

Tuesday, April 22, 2014



My fault...
If you use the online book, you do the page numbers for the RED BOOK.

If you took a book home with you because of Internet issues, you do the pages listed for the BLUE BOOK.

NO ONE DOES BOTH ASSIGNMENTS.  In most cases they are identical but in some cases they are not.

If you took a book home you are expected to use THAT book and do THOSE assignments.  If you did not, then you do the red book work.

I didn't realize it sounded like you had to do BOTH assignments for each day...sorry about that!

US History: Homework due through Friday, 4/25

Due Wednesday, 4/23:
Red Book (online): Chapter 23 Main Ideas, 1-10, p.728
Blue Book: Chapter 23 Main Ideas, 11-20, p.696

Due Thursday, 4/24:
Red Book (online): Chapter 24 Main Ideas, 1-10, p.764
Blue Book: Chapter 24 Main Ideas, 11-20, p.726

Due Friday, 4/25:
Red Book (online): Chapter 25 Main Ideas, 1-10, p.804
Blue Book: Chapter 25 Main Ideas, 11-20, p.762

Due Monday, 4/28:
Red Book (online): Chapter 26 Main Ideas, 1-8, p.836
Blue Book: Chapter 26 Main Ideas, 11-20, p.792
Other work will also be due on Monday, 4/28!

Global II: Homework due through Friday, 4/25

Section 1 is due Wednesday, 4/23
Section 3 is due Thursday, 4/24
Section 4 is due Friday, 4/25
Section 5 is due Monday, 4/28
Other work will also be due on Monday, 4/28.
Chapter 35 Section 1:

Case Study: Latin American Democracies (pp. 910-5)

  1. Why was indirect democracy developed?
  2. How is democracy “a way of life?”
  3. Why is citizen participation essential to democracy?
  4. What factors help advance democracy?
  5. How did Kubitschek affect Brazil?
  6. Why did Brazilian conservatives oppose land reform?
  7. Why was Mexico’s stable government considered to be “imperfect?”
  8. How did Juan Peron affect Argentina?
  9. Why did the Falkland Islands War change Argentina’s political system?

Chapter 35 Section 3:

Gorbachev Moves Toward Democracy (pp. 921-5)

  1. How was Gorbachev different from proceeding Soviet leaders?
  2. How did glasnost affect Soviet society?
  3. How did perestroika affect Soviet society?
  4. Why did Gorbachev use the policy of democratization?
  5. How did Gorbachev’s internal changes affect the USSR’s foreign policies?
  6. How did Lech Walesa and Solidarity change Poland?
  7. How did Hungary rid itself of the Communist Party?
  8. Why did East Germany “open” the Berlin Wall in 1989?
  9. Why was reunification a challenge for East and West Germany?
  10. How did communism end in Czechoslovakia?
  11. Why did Romanians revolt against Ceausescu?

Chapter 35 Section 4:

Collapse of the Soviet Union (pp. 926-30)

  1. Why was there “unrest” in the USSR?
  2. How did Lithuania “defy” Gorbachev?
  3. Why were the hard-liners angry with Gorbachev?
  4. Why is the August 1991 Coup important?
  5. Why did the USSR cease to exist in 1991?
  6. How did Yeltsin’s leadership affect the Soviet economy?
  7. Why did war break out in Chechnya?
  8. How did ethnic rivalries affect Yugoslavia?
  9. Why is Bosnia an example of human rights violations?
  10. How did the global community respond to the war in Bosnia?
  11. Why did Czechoslovakia split into two nations?

Chapter 35 Section 5:

China Follows Its Own Path (pp. 931-5)

  1. How did Mao believe the Chinese economy could be improved?
  2. Why did the Cultural Revolution occur?
  3. Why did Zhou Enlai end China’s policy of isolationism?
  4. How was Deng Xiaoping different from Mao?
  5. Explain Deng’s Four Modernizations.
  6. Why did students protest in Tiananmen Square?
  7. Why is Deng’s response to the Tiananmen Square “uprising” a human rights violation?
  8. Why did the US and China have problems during the 1990s?
  9. How did the end of its colonialism affect Hong Kong?
  10. Why does a growing middle class improve a nation’s chances of democracy?


Monday, April 21, 2014

Fair Warning, one final time

Fair warning: once Regents Review begins, no class notes will be posted on the blog.  You will be required to copy them in class (on your index cards.)  You will need to be in class, on time, & prepared...or take a zero for classwork that day.

We are not "sharing" index cards.  First, your parents did not work hard to have the money to buy them for someone else's kid.  Second, if you loan them out and that person loses them, you're out of luck & no longer have them to use for Regents Review.

Forget "sharing is caring."  This is your education.  Your graduation.  Your future.  If "they" don't care about theirs enough to be prepared or be in class, why should you jeopardize yours

This is not harsh.  This is reality.  Welcome to the world of working, responsible adults.  A world where no one holds your hand, they expect you to do what you're told immediately, want it done completely & accurate the first time, by the deadline, and have no problem firing you when any of these things don't happen.

Don't like it?  Sorry.  I didn't make the system.  Want options?  Get a good, solid education for yourself.  It's the ONLY way to have options.  Otherwise, you're the guy (or girl) working for someone else in a dead-end job making little money & barely surviving.  If that sounds like fun to you, keep cutting, being late, not doing your work, and continue to be unprepared.

If it doesn't, get with the program (or stay on track if you are already on that path!)

All Students: Reminders!!

Some reminders for the 4th Marking Period:

1.  All Regents Review materials are due in class on May 2nd.  It is a test grade, there is no partial credit.

2.  I no longer accept late work.

3.  Incomplete work will no longer receive partial credit.

4.  Once Regents Review begins, there will be no make ups or extra help.

5.  My Regents Reviews will be offered for those students who are in class daily, prepared, doing all work as assigned, not cutting, not late, with no history of discipline issues in class.  All others are welcome to attend the reviews given twice a week by teachers getting paid to do them.

6.  My reviews begin May 16th.  Information is forthcoming.

7.  The work you gave me is posted in Engrade, the numbers there are the numbers you gave me.  Don't like you average?  You should have given me different or better work.

8.  The 4th MP is VERY short because of final exams & 10 days of Regents.  By the time progress reports go home the quarter is really over.  There is NO "recovery time" built in.

Friday, April 11, 2014

All work due Monday, 4/21 now posted

All notes that are due in class on Monday, 4/21 have been uploaded to the blog for US History & Global II.  Nothing further will be added that is due on 4/21.

Remember, you will have OBQs on the notes - and it's all or none for the gradebook.  Welcome to the 4th Marking Period...

Don't forget to view your HW sheet to make sure you have EVERYTHING that is due completed & with you on the 21st.  "Late" is no longer an option for the 4th MP!