Tuesday, September 30, 2014

All Students

Don't forget - any quiz or test you missed since 9/18 due to a legal absence must be made up after school this Thursday.  This make-up period was extended to include the work that should have been make-up after school last week, but was forced into cancellation by the emergency evacuation drill (and it was too late to call your parents for permission to stay after when we found out that morning that we did not, in fact have to cancel activities.)

Door locked at 2:05.  Come prepared with whatever you missed & your blue/black pen!

All Students: Final Opportunity!

If you still have a grade of 0 for never showing me your supplies (before or since the deadline), not signing up for Quizlet (before or since the deadline),  or never signing into your class account on Engrade (before or since the deadline), THIS IS YOUR LAST CHANCE!

If you take care of any missing items by this Friday, 10/3, your 0 will be changed to a 65, which will likely change the comments I can make on your progress report.  Once Friday passes, it's been a month since school began and the grades will stand.

If you joined class on or after Sept. 16th, your zero will be changed to 100, since that was the same amount of time everyone else had.

You can show me your supplies after class any day this week, or you can swing by before 7:20 any morning to do the same.  Email me through the school system or Engrade to let me know you have signed into your account there &/or have asked to join the class in Quizlet.

If you did Engrade or Quizlet after the last deadline a few weeks back, please check Engrade to be sure I caught it.  If there is a zero, you must email me so I can check on it for you - I have already checked & didn't "see" you.

Sunday, September 28, 2014

All Students: Green & White Day!

Green & White Day is Back!
All students have the opportunity to participate in this fun event.  Green and White day requirements for the first marking period:

1.       A 75 or better average in all courses (not an overall average of 75.) 
2.       24 class absences.  (Notice the "class absences."  If you are absent for one day & have 8 classes on your schedule, that's 8 class absences because you missed 8 different classes that day.)
3.       10 class lates to classes.
4.       No ID’s purchased.

The above requirements are per quarter.  If you meet these requirements for the first marking period you're in!!  It's a great goal for yourself each marking period!

Green and White day is typically celebrated on the second Friday after the end of the first thru third marking periods.

We serve ice cream and give out approximately 60 prizes which include movie tickets, gift certificates to restaurants and stores, I tunes cards, back-packs, pens, cups, shirts, and we usually have several electronic gifts such as I-pods and I-pads.  You need a ticket to get in, and you can only get a ticket if you earn it based on the requirements above.  It's a great event, it's free, and everyone has the same chance at winning any of the prizes.
With progress reports coming soon (yes, we've been in school that long already!), it means half of the marking period is already over.  Either get your averages up to where they need to attend OR keep them there if you're already at or above the minimum needed!  It ends in time for the 3 PM bus & everyone gets a bus pass.

All Students: Extra Credit

Details on extra credit opportunities for this week have been sent in an Engrade email.  Be sure to check in & read it!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

All Students: Engrade & Quizlet Test Grades

I noticed this morning how many of you are still not sign into Engrade &/or signed up for Quizlet.  These were test grades that were an easy boost to your average and the "due date" was weeks ago.  While I have said it many times in class, I am making a final notice about it here for you.

If you fall into one (or both) of these categories, please be sure rectify it before Monday.  If you do, I will change your current 0 to a 65 (which is still way better than a zero & at least a passing grade.)

Please let me know that you're competed the task you need to via email (here or school system) so I can update your grade(s.)

Global II: Chapter 23 Vocabulary

Vocabulary Quiz on these - check the Homework & Due Dates post for details..  These words will be due at that time.  You may write them out as a list on paper OR you may write each on a flash card (use a flashcard for the required homework heading), index cards must be rubber-banded.   Required homework heading must be used.  Use your knowledge, notes, online textbook, handouts, or the Internet to find the definitions.

Remember, all previous vocabulary words are "fair game" on the quiz, just like on the Regents!  Review all past words before the quiz, too!


Global II: Chapter 23 Section 5 Notes

Copy these notes into your binder. 
This continues your Chapter 23 notes -
be sure to copy them ALL, by hand, and IN ORDER.  They are labeled for you.
You will have a quiz using them.
page 1:
 page 2: