Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All Students!!

Hi All!

I hope you are warm & safe & staying off the icy roads!

In case you missed the call yesterday, there are NO CLASSES on Friday. We are running Regents Exams tomorrow & Friday, so classes resume on MONDAY. If you were scheduled to take a Regents that was canceled please go to the district website to see when it is now being given OR email your teacher (you should have done that at this point, you may not be able to reach them in time for your exam.) Don't forget the supplies you need since it is likely we will not have them to provide you with for the exam.

Both the Global & US Regents are being given at 8 am tomorrow (Thursday), test starts at 8 so be there before then! Remember, at least 2 blue or black owns required & we don't have any to give out. Remember, these are REPEATER exams ONLY, with rare exception.

It is important that you follow the BRENTWOOD schedule since other districts are doing things a little differently as far as dates & times of exams.  If you miss the make-up Regents date/time you will wait until June for your next chance. 

 If you don't have exams, stay home.

Good luck &/or see you Monday.

Sunday, January 25, 2015

All Students...

1.  GOOD LUCK on any & all Regents Exams you are scheduled to take this week!  Remember, Social Studies Regents are only RETAKES in January, so if you are in Global II OR US History for the very first time you are NOT taking the exam this week!  Your first (and hopefully ONLY) attempt comes in June!

2.  STAY SAFE with the weather.  You never know if the weather people are right until the very end, but please take care if you are out in the storm the next few days.  If you are coming in for exams, be sure you have an arranged ride home, be sure you are not walking home in that mess and risk your life with sliding cars, etc.  Make good, smart decisions...and maybe help out a neighbor or two by shoveling with or for them.  Remember, one day you hope to be "old" and will wish some nice kid on the block did you a favor like that!  :) 

3.  I will see what we need to do as far as work goes & will post it as HW due for Friday, 1/30.  Since you were pretty much caught up with notes before I got sick there may not be anything we need to do, but you WILL have HW for Monday, 2/2.  I will have that posted before the weekend for you.

4.  Study your Quizlet, the test you missed because of my illness will be given next week.  I will post the date later this week. 


Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Global II: Homework due THURSDAY, 1/22

You MUST have this copied for Thursday's class.  You may print it OR hand-copy it.  You DO NTO need to fill it in for homework, only copy the chart.  It is also being sent as an attachment in Engrade & posted in Edmodo.  It is the same as below.  You will need this chart to use in class tomorrow.

AIM:  How does China’s govt change after WWI?

Chapter 30 Section 3


Details (causes, when, who, why, effects, etc.)
Underlying Causes
Rule of
May Fourth
Communist Party
Chinese Civil
Long March


US History: Homework due Thursday, 1/22

You MUST have this copied (by hand or printed out) for class on Thursday, 1/22.  I also sent it as an attachment in Engrade & posted it in Edmodo (so you can print it at school before you leave today or before your class tomorrow.)  You are NOT required to fill it in, only to have the blank chart with you!
AIM:  How did discrimination continue to affect Americans?

Chapter 16 Section 3

Legal Discrimination & Race Relations

Details (when, who, why, where, etc.)
Jim Crow
Plessy v.
In the North


Monday, January 19, 2015

US History: Homework due Wednesday, 1/21

You MUST have this copied to use in class Wednesday, 1/21.  None will be handed out in class.  You do NOT need to fill it in.  You can print it out OR simply copy it into your binder.
Who, What, Why, Goals, Issues, Accomplishments
Political Machines
Political Bosses
Municipal Graft & Scandal
Civil Service Reform
Influence of Business


US History: Homework due through Friday, 1/23

Sections 1 & 2 are due WEDNESDAY, 1/21
Section 3 is due Thursday, 1/22
Section 4 is due Friday, 1/23

Chapter 16 Section 1: Science & Urban Life

1.     Why were architects able to create skyscrapers?

2.    How did electric transit change America?

3.    How did urban planning change cities like New York?

4.    Why are Orville & Wilbur Wright important?

5.    How did George Eastman change photography?


Chapter 16 Section 2: Expanding Public Education

1.     Why did children now attend school?

2.    What were the criticisms about public schools?

3.    How did educational opportunities vary by race?

4.    Why was there an increase in the number of high schools?

5.    Why were immigrants encouraged to attend schools?

6.    Why is Booker T. Washington important?

7.    Why is W.E.B. Du Bois important?

8.    Explain the Niagara Movement.


Chapter 16 Section 3: Segregation & Discrimination


1.     Why were poll taxes used?

2.    Why were grandfather clauses developed?

3.    What were Jim Crow laws?

4.    Why is Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) important?

5.    How did Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) change American society?

6.    Explain “racial etiquette?”

7.    How were blacks who did not follow the rules of racial etiquette punished?

8.    Describe the discrimination blacks who moved North experienced.

9.    Describe the discrimination Mexicans experienced.

10.  Why was debt peonage used?

11.  Why did Chinese in the West experience discrimination?


Chapter 16 Section 4: The Dawn of Mass Culture

1.    Why were amusement parks created?

2.    How did bicycles change women’s fashion?

3.    Identify the brands still famous today that developed during this time period.

4.    Why did spectator sports develop?

5.    How did baseball change American society?

6.    Why is Joseph Pulitzer important?

7.    Why is William Randolph Hurst important?

8.    Why is Mark Twain important?

9.    How did the sale of goods change?

10. How did the way Americans bought products change?

11. Why did advertising “explode?”

12. Why did “mail order” develop?