Tuesday, June 23, 2015

All Students: Regents Exam Info

All Students:
As a reminder, you must pass the course AND the Regents Exam...passing the Exam alone does not give you course credit unless I override your average.  As I have told you all year, I would consider this on an individual basis based on your work, attendance, & effort.  As a result, the only verification you will have of passing the course is in Eschool.  If someone tells you that you passed the class simply because you passed the Regents, they might be very wrong.  Check Eschool (not Engrade!) for your final course grade OR call your Guidance Counselor (see more about this below!)

US History:
1.  Your scores finally came back - contact GUIDANCE to get your score.  The computers at school are not working where we are grading so I have no way to email you.  Plus, I'm busy grading so have no time to access email even it the computers were working!
2.  Your final course grades are now updated in Eschool.  Unless there is a major error I did not catch, these grades won't change.
3.  A TON of you rocked Mastery on the exam, & most of you in that group got well over 90.  NICE JOB!!  Your multiple choice was a key factor in this, and many of you nailed the essays as well from what I saw in your grades.  I'm really proud of you!! 

Global II:
1.  We have not finished grading your exam yet, so we won't have any scores before Thursday morning.  You can start calling GUIDANCE at that time, not earlier.  It is likely we won't have scores until Thursday afternoon, maybe even Friday morning.
2.  Your course grades are NOT updated because we don't have your Regents scores.  They will be updated sometime after we get the results back.  Stay tuned...

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

US History: Final Thoughts!


Well...that was a surprise to every. last. teacher.

That said, the task said you had to talk about an organization.  Yes, you could have used a person IN the group to back up your details...but you had to name a group & talk about the right people in that group.  If you only talked about a person - or you did not talk about an organization - you did not follow the task.  So, for example: if you wrote about Jacob Riis & used Muckrakers...you're in trouble.  Neither was an organization.

Now, the DBQ gave you your very best chance at a score of 4 or 5 IF you studied what I gave you on the essay sheet - or even your flash cards!  I would have picked Jackson & Roosevelt.  Outside info for Jackson: Trail of Tears (they never say those word despite there being a map about it), & Worcester v. Georgia (background case details, that Jackson ignores it.)  For Roosevelt, they never said Upton Sinclair, The Jungle, or the Meat Inspection Act in the documents, so that was your outside info there.  I think those were the easiest to write about so personally, I would have done those.

The multiple choice had a few surprises but I have to tell you...you had flash cards for 49 of the 50 questions and that 50th...it had a reading passage.

Grades will likely not be in until sometime Monday (at the earliest.)  Call GUIDANCE to find out your grades.  We will grade US Thursday & Friday & then start on Global, so I will not be available to send grades anytime soon.  GUIDANCE is your best bet.

I hope you studied,
I hope you did well, &
I hope you have a
wonderful summer!! 

And no, 3rd period, I did NOT get my donut this year, AGAIN.  :) :)

Sunday, June 14, 2015

All Students: No one is allowed to...

Due to tomorrow's expected rain & storms, no one is to walk home from review.

If you cannot arrange for a ride please do not stay.  The weather is supposed to be bad all day & into the afternoon, with no telling how long it will last.

Please keep your eye on the weather reports.

Again, no one is to walk home from review tomorrow.

Sunday, June 7, 2015

All Students: Reminder

Remember - review books are required in class EVERY DAY now!  If you don't have your book you can't participate in your review & will be marked unprepared.

All Students: Mandatory Final Exam Schedule

Final Exams are mandatory.

You are required to be in class, on time, prepared as if it were any other class day.  Failure to do so will lead to a zero as your grade for this meeting.

 The Exam Schedule is as follows:

Thursday, June 11, 2014: Students in these periods should report to these classes at the time listed:

Period 1
7:36 - 9:01
Period 8
12:27 – 1:52


Friday, June 12, is a regular school day, all periods meet.  This is the official last day of all classes meeting, but not the official end of the school year.

This is your last class before your Regents Exam.  Be sure you have the information about when your Regents is, where you are to report, what seat you are in (if in the gym), and that you have MANY identical pens to bring with you.

Monday, June 15, 2014: Students in these periods should report to these classes at the time listed:

Period 2
7:36 – 9:01
Period 3
9:13 – 10:38
Period 5
10:50 – 12:15


Thursday, June 4, 2015

SATURDAY Regents Review

There is now Department Review
for BOTH
US & Global
June 6th & June 13th.

seems to be from
9 - Noon 
Mr. Muller (in Puleo Lecture Hall)

is from
Mr. Shine (in Ross Library)

Everyone is welcome AND ENCOURAGED to attend. 

These reviews could be your very last shot at hitting that passing mark on your exam!

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

All Students: VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!

Please remember that all remaining Regents Review sessions REQUIRE a parent pick up between 6:30 &  6:45, but no later than 6:45.  Should that occur, that student will not be allowed to attend any further reviews with me, sorry.  I have to get home to my own family by a certain time so can't be at school later than 6:45 & I can't let you wait by yourself.

Remember, I will not be giving out bus passes for anymore reviews!

All Students: Esaay Assistance

Haven't taken the initiative to prepare Thematic Essays for yourself as I have been suggesting every day for the last 5 weeks?  You have 2 weeks until your exam, so I'd get moving.  My best recommendation at this point is to watch a whole lot of USEFUL YouTube videos.

Start with Hip Hughes, he does both subjects.  Scroll until you find a theme, essay, or topic that I have repeatedly told you to know and watch it.  Take notes.  Create an outline for yourself.  Use the other links I posted.

Or don't...but the consequence of that will be sitting right here again next year, hearing the same exact speech...

Global II: Review Help

Here are some videos you may find helpful as you prepare for next week's Regents Exam:














US History: Review Help

Here are some videos I recommend for you as you prepare for next week's Regents Exam: