Tuesday, June 23, 2015

All Students: Regents Exam Info

All Students:
As a reminder, you must pass the course AND the Regents Exam...passing the Exam alone does not give you course credit unless I override your average.  As I have told you all year, I would consider this on an individual basis based on your work, attendance, & effort.  As a result, the only verification you will have of passing the course is in Eschool.  If someone tells you that you passed the class simply because you passed the Regents, they might be very wrong.  Check Eschool (not Engrade!) for your final course grade OR call your Guidance Counselor (see more about this below!)

US History:
1.  Your scores finally came back - contact GUIDANCE to get your score.  The computers at school are not working where we are grading so I have no way to email you.  Plus, I'm busy grading so have no time to access email even it the computers were working!
2.  Your final course grades are now updated in Eschool.  Unless there is a major error I did not catch, these grades won't change.
3.  A TON of you rocked Mastery on the exam, & most of you in that group got well over 90.  NICE JOB!!  Your multiple choice was a key factor in this, and many of you nailed the essays as well from what I saw in your grades.  I'm really proud of you!! 

Global II:
1.  We have not finished grading your exam yet, so we won't have any scores before Thursday morning.  You can start calling GUIDANCE at that time, not earlier.  It is likely we won't have scores until Thursday afternoon, maybe even Friday morning.
2.  Your course grades are NOT updated because we don't have your Regents scores.  They will be updated sometime after we get the results back.  Stay tuned...

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