Tuesday, June 16, 2015

US History: Final Thoughts!


Well...that was a surprise to every. last. teacher.

That said, the task said you had to talk about an organization.  Yes, you could have used a person IN the group to back up your details...but you had to name a group & talk about the right people in that group.  If you only talked about a person - or you did not talk about an organization - you did not follow the task.  So, for example: if you wrote about Jacob Riis & used Muckrakers...you're in trouble.  Neither was an organization.

Now, the DBQ gave you your very best chance at a score of 4 or 5 IF you studied what I gave you on the essay sheet - or even your flash cards!  I would have picked Jackson & Roosevelt.  Outside info for Jackson: Trail of Tears (they never say those word despite there being a map about it), & Worcester v. Georgia (background case details, that Jackson ignores it.)  For Roosevelt, they never said Upton Sinclair, The Jungle, or the Meat Inspection Act in the documents, so that was your outside info there.  I think those were the easiest to write about so personally, I would have done those.

The multiple choice had a few surprises but I have to tell you...you had flash cards for 49 of the 50 questions and that 50th...it had a reading passage.

Grades will likely not be in until sometime Monday (at the earliest.)  Call GUIDANCE to find out your grades.  We will grade US Thursday & Friday & then start on Global, so I will not be available to send grades anytime soon.  GUIDANCE is your best bet.

I hope you studied,
I hope you did well, &
I hope you have a
wonderful summer!! 

And no, 3rd period, I did NOT get my donut this year, AGAIN.  :) :)

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