Saturday, January 10, 2015

Global II: Homework due Tuesday, 1/13/15

Watch the video at the link below (copy & paste into your browser if you can't "click" on it) & answer the questions that follow.  Proper homework format is required.  Video is 23 minutes long & cannot be accessed at school, sorry.


Josef Stalin: Video Worksheet

Answer these questions on separate paper, in the same homework format used in all other homework question assignments.

1.    Why was Stalin a “savior” to the Soviet people?

2.    Why did people think Trotsky would be a better leader than Stalin?

3.    Identify some of Stalin’s characteristics.

4.    Where was Stalin when the March Revolution began?

5.    How did Stalin seize power after Lenin’s death?

6.    Did Lenin want Stalin to be the next leader?

7.    What did Stalin “need in abundance” to start his industrialization program?

8.    What did Stalin force on the peasants?

9.    What was the reality of life on a collective farm?

10. Why did the Kulaks oppose collectivization?

11. What started the “Great Terror?”

12. What happened to people who went against Stalin from that point forward?

13. What happened to Trostky (and where was he?)

14. What was “the cult of personality?”

15. By what year did Stalin’s terror “ease?”

16. Why was the USSR unprepared for the Nazi invasion in 1941?

17. Why do you think many Soviets welcomed the arrival of Nazi troops in 1941?

18. 27 million Soviets were killed in WWII.  What did this mean to Stalin?

19. Why did Stalin believe Jews were unloyal?

20. What was “the greatest tragedy” for the Soviet people?

21. Why is “evil” a good word to describe Stalin? (not in video, must think about this based on the video!)

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