Wednesday, January 28, 2015

All Students!!

Hi All!

I hope you are warm & safe & staying off the icy roads!

In case you missed the call yesterday, there are NO CLASSES on Friday. We are running Regents Exams tomorrow & Friday, so classes resume on MONDAY. If you were scheduled to take a Regents that was canceled please go to the district website to see when it is now being given OR email your teacher (you should have done that at this point, you may not be able to reach them in time for your exam.) Don't forget the supplies you need since it is likely we will not have them to provide you with for the exam.

Both the Global & US Regents are being given at 8 am tomorrow (Thursday), test starts at 8 so be there before then! Remember, at least 2 blue or black owns required & we don't have any to give out. Remember, these are REPEATER exams ONLY, with rare exception.

It is important that you follow the BRENTWOOD schedule since other districts are doing things a little differently as far as dates & times of exams.  If you miss the make-up Regents date/time you will wait until June for your next chance. 

 If you don't have exams, stay home.

Good luck &/or see you Monday.

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