Sunday, January 25, 2015

All Students...

1.  GOOD LUCK on any & all Regents Exams you are scheduled to take this week!  Remember, Social Studies Regents are only RETAKES in January, so if you are in Global II OR US History for the very first time you are NOT taking the exam this week!  Your first (and hopefully ONLY) attempt comes in June!

2.  STAY SAFE with the weather.  You never know if the weather people are right until the very end, but please take care if you are out in the storm the next few days.  If you are coming in for exams, be sure you have an arranged ride home, be sure you are not walking home in that mess and risk your life with sliding cars, etc.  Make good, smart decisions...and maybe help out a neighbor or two by shoveling with or for them.  Remember, one day you hope to be "old" and will wish some nice kid on the block did you a favor like that!  :) 

3.  I will see what we need to do as far as work goes & will post it as HW due for Friday, 1/30.  Since you were pretty much caught up with notes before I got sick there may not be anything we need to do, but you WILL have HW for Monday, 2/2.  I will have that posted before the weekend for you.

4.  Study your Quizlet, the test you missed because of my illness will be given next week.  I will post the date later this week. 


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