Monday, January 19, 2015

US History: Homework due through Friday, 1/23

Sections 1 & 2 are due WEDNESDAY, 1/21
Section 3 is due Thursday, 1/22
Section 4 is due Friday, 1/23

Chapter 16 Section 1: Science & Urban Life

1.     Why were architects able to create skyscrapers?

2.    How did electric transit change America?

3.    How did urban planning change cities like New York?

4.    Why are Orville & Wilbur Wright important?

5.    How did George Eastman change photography?


Chapter 16 Section 2: Expanding Public Education

1.     Why did children now attend school?

2.    What were the criticisms about public schools?

3.    How did educational opportunities vary by race?

4.    Why was there an increase in the number of high schools?

5.    Why were immigrants encouraged to attend schools?

6.    Why is Booker T. Washington important?

7.    Why is W.E.B. Du Bois important?

8.    Explain the Niagara Movement.


Chapter 16 Section 3: Segregation & Discrimination


1.     Why were poll taxes used?

2.    Why were grandfather clauses developed?

3.    What were Jim Crow laws?

4.    Why is Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) important?

5.    How did Plessy v. Ferguson (1896) change American society?

6.    Explain “racial etiquette?”

7.    How were blacks who did not follow the rules of racial etiquette punished?

8.    Describe the discrimination blacks who moved North experienced.

9.    Describe the discrimination Mexicans experienced.

10.  Why was debt peonage used?

11.  Why did Chinese in the West experience discrimination?


Chapter 16 Section 4: The Dawn of Mass Culture

1.    Why were amusement parks created?

2.    How did bicycles change women’s fashion?

3.    Identify the brands still famous today that developed during this time period.

4.    Why did spectator sports develop?

5.    How did baseball change American society?

6.    Why is Joseph Pulitzer important?

7.    Why is William Randolph Hurst important?

8.    Why is Mark Twain important?

9.    How did the sale of goods change?

10. How did the way Americans bought products change?

11. Why did advertising “explode?”

12. Why did “mail order” develop?


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