Monday, March 18, 2013

US History: Chapter 22 Homework Questions & Vocabulary List

Chapter 22 Section 1:  The Nation’s Sick Economy
  1. Why were American industries in trouble during the 1920s?
  2. Why were American farmers in trouble during the 1920s?
  3. What did the McNary- Haugin Bill propose?
  4. How did credit help cause the Great Depression?
  5. Explain the stock market crash.
  6. Why did the Great Depression begin?
  7. What was the purpose of the Dow Jones Industrial Average?
  8. Why did 25% of banks in the U.S. fail?
  9. How did the Great Depression affect Europe?
Chapter 22 Section 2:  Hardship & Suffering during the Great Depression
  1. Why did shantytowns develop?
  2. How did the Great Depression affect African-Americans?
  3. How did the Great Depression affect Latino-Americans?
  4. Which states and regions were most affected by the Dust Bowl?
  5. Why did the Dust Bowl happen?
  6. How did the Great Depression affect men?
  7. How did the Great Depression affect women?
  8. How did the Great Depression affect children?
  9. Describe the psychological effects people faced as a result of the Great Depression.
Chapter 22 Section 3:  Hoover Struggles with the Depression
  1. Why did some officials believe in a “do-nothing” approach to the Depression?
  2. How did Hoover believe the government should approach the Depression?
  3. Describe “rugged individualism.”
  4. How did Americans express their frustration as the Depression continued?
  5. Why did the people blame Hoover for the worsening Depression?
  6. Describe Hoover’s public-works policy.
  7. Describe the bank reform measures Hoover took to end the Depression in the early 1930s.
  8. What was the "Bonus Army?”
  9. Why did the Bonus Army got to Washington, D.C.?
  10. Why were some members of the Bonus Army gassed?
Chapter 22 Vocabulary
  1.  Price Supports
  2. Subsidies
  3. Credit
  4. Speculation
  5. Buying on Margin
  6. Herbert Hoover
  7. Black Tuesday
  8. Great Depression
  9. Gold Standard
  10. Dow Jones Industrial Average
  11. Bull Market
  12. Hawley-Smoot Tariff Act
  13. Shantytown
  14. Soup Kitchens
  15. Bread Lines
  16. Dust Bowl
  17. Foreclosure
  18. Oakies
  19. Direct Relief
  20. Boulder Dam
  21. Federal Home Loan Bank Act
  22. Public Works


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