Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Overlaps & Reminders!

Hi there!

There is an overlap of Global II & US History extra credit until this Thursday, when 1 for each class will expire.  If you have been doing your homework but want that extra push for your average, this is the best way to do it. 

Remember - "extra credit" does not mean "in lieu of work you failed to do."  "Extra" is just that - work you are not required to do but can do if you choose to boost your grade.  If you are not doing your homework you have significantly lowered your average already - so get moving, get your homework done, and make yourself eligible for extra credit!  I won't accept extra credit for a homework chapter/packet unless you have done all of the assignments (including the test review sheet.)

Oh, and if you needed the "extra" push...progress reports open up for teacher comments on Monday.  That's right, THIS Monday.  That means report cards are just 5 weeks away, and Quarterlies are a mere 3 weeks away. 

Enjoy the holiday to those observing, and a good day off to the rest of you.  See you Thursday...with your homework!

~ Mrs. Ramo

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