Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Parents: Meet the Teacher Night is Monday, 10/1!

Greetings Parents & Guardians!

I hope your student has told you about Meet the Teacher Night!  It is this Monday, October 1st, from 6-9 pm.  There is a brief "assembly," after which parents will follow their student's schedule and meet "as a class" with teachers.  If you have been to Meet the Teacher nights at the HS in the past, this is a radical change.  We'll be giving you a brief overview of our courses and expectations and, hopefully, answer all of your general questions.  If you have more than one student at the HS, decide before arriving which adult will follow each student's schedule - advance planning may make things quick & easy for you!

Unlike the past format, we will not be able to meet with you for that 5 minute appointment to give you some quick feedback about your student's individual progress.  There are some appointments available for Election Day, but since time is limited and appointments end around 11:15 am, you'll want to be sure to make a timed appointment with your student's teachers while at Meet the Teacher night to ensure getting to see the teacher's you want to speak with on November 6th.

Since most teachers will ask you to fill out a general contact card, I recommend having a pen or two with you.

I look forward to meeting you on the 1st! 

~ D. Ramo

PS - Wear comfy shoes...especially if your student travels back and forth between Ross & Sonderling!

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