Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Global II HW: Ch 28 Questions

No excuses of coming back from the break unprepared - here are the questions from the homework packet.  There are other materials due that cannot be posted here.  However, the work due the day we return from break is below, so I will accept NO excuses as to why it wasn't done.
Chapter 28 Section 1:
China Responds to Pressure from the West (pp. 714-9)
  1. Why wasn’t the emperor impressed with Western gifts?
  2. Describe China’s agriculture.
  3. Why did the British introduce Opium to the Chinese?
  4. Why did the Opium War begin?
  5. How did the Opium War affect China?
  6. What internal challenges did China face?
  7. Why did the Taiping Rebellion occur?
  8. Why did the Dowager Empress resist change?
  9. How did the creation of spheres of influences affect China?
  10. Why did the Boxer Rebellion begin?
  11. How did the Boxer Rebellion affect China?
Chapter 28 Section 2:
Japan Modernizes (pp. 720-3)
  1. How did Japan remain isolated for so long?
  2. Why did the Japanese receive Commodore Perry?
  3. Why is the Treaty of Kanagawa important?
  4. How did Emperor Mushuhito plan to oppose Western imperialism in Japan?
  5. List and explain the ways in which the Meiji Era brought reform to Japan.
  6. Why did Japan become imperialistic?
  7. How did Japanese imperialism affect China?
  8. How did Japanese imperialism affect Russia?
  9. How did Japanese imperialism affect Korea?
Chapter 28 Section 3:
U.S. Economic Imperialism in Latin America (pp. 724-7)
  1. Describe land ownership in Latin America.
  2. Why was political instability a widespread problem in Latin America?
  3. Why did the caudillos face little opposition?
  4. Why did foreign nations benefit more from trade with Latin American nations?
  5. What didn’t Latin American nations spend money on?
  6. Why is the Monroe Doctrine important?
  7. Why is the Panama Canal important?
  8. Why is the Roosevelt Corollary important?

Chapter 28 Section 4:

The Mexican Revolution (pp. 728-33)
  1. Why was there war in Texas?
  2. How were Santa Anna and Juarez different?
  3. Explain La Reforma.
  4. Describe Diaz’s rule in Mexico.
  5. Why was “Pancho” Villa important?



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