Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Dear Parents & Guardians:

Please be advised that all students in all courses today received a pre-printed "progress report" for you to sign (even if the grades were good ones.)  There are roughly just 3 weeks left in the current marking period.  For all classes, the current homework packet was not included, which will help or harm your student's average as listed based on what they did - or did not - turn in.

These averages are an accurate reflection of your student's written work.  Participation in class cannot be measured in numbers like test grades, so it is not included.  In many cases, this factor will improve a student's average.

Please discuss any/all weak areas with your student so he/she may improve their chances of passing the marking period, course, and Regents Exam.  We will be entering Week 17 of 40, and we really only 37 weeks of school at the HS due to Finals & Regents Exams.  Effectively, the year is just about half over.

Please fell free to email me with any questions you may have.  You are certainly welcome to call the front office & leave a message, but email will likely get you a quicker response since the access to it is easier than getting to a phone on my free period during the day.  Since this is a public site I am not posting my email or front office number, but this information has been sent home in the past and can be easily found online.

Thank you for your help in making your student successful.

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