Monday, August 25, 2014

Required Supplies for all Courses, 2014/2015

In case you have found this site and are in my Global II or US History classes for the 2014-2015 school year, here is a list if the supplies you will need to have with you in class each day:
  • A binder (loose-leaf.)  A 1-2 inch binder for just my class is fine, or you may have a section in a much larger binder for my class.  However, if you have no dividers in a binder you are using for "everything" you will be considered unprepared.
  • Plenty of loose-leaf paper.
  • Several black ball point pens (not gel pens, you cannot use those on the Regents Exam so you shouldn't use them in class.)  You can use blue if you choose, but black is best for the Regents Exam so you might as well start getting used to their rules.  Don't bother with pencils either - you can't use them on the Regents, so you can't use them for any graded work, in or out of class. 
  • A highlighter (any color, as long as it's a working highlighter.)
If you or your parents are like me you/they won't want to wait on huge lines the first weeks of school to get your supplies.  I have been seeing a lot of sales in many stores  already as well.  You are expected to be in school, prepared with at least a notebook or binder with paper and pens on the first day.  This is true for every teacher you have on your schedule.

Please note:  It is not the responsibility of your classmates - or their hard-working parents - to supply you with a pen &/or paper in class.  I do not hand out any supplies.  I am asking you to have the basics you need for your other classes &, likely, things you already have at home.  Being prepared is one of your main roles as a student!
 I look forward to seeing you next week!  Enjoy the rest of the summer!

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