Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Global II: Thematic & DBQ

The test was as expected. 

The multiple choice was the same info but worded differently, there were more non-European questions, the documents were much easier than I expected.

That said, if you wrote about Nelson Mandela in the Thematic Essay and said he ended apartheid, you are in for some trouble.  I must have said 200 times that F.W. DeKLERK ended apartheid, and kids always get it wrong, so STAY AWAY from Mandela on essays.  Same for Hitler.  This was a PERFECT essay for Stalin & the Ayatollah, like I kept telling you to study & do! 

We might have grades by next Thursday.  Do not email me before then or I will ignore all of your emails.

I wish you much luck on your remaining exams!  I hope you did well today!  Let me know what you wrote about & your outside info for your DBQ as well as what you did for your Thematic!

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