Monday, June 2, 2014

US History: People in Reform Movements Review Questions

REMINDER: “NIB” Means “not it review book.”  You have flash cards, the internet, your prior knowledge, this year’s notes, last year’s notes…so leaving anything blank or putting an answer that shows zero effort are the same to me…and anything blank = no credit for the assignment.

REVIEW means remember or reminder, it is NOT reteach or relearn!!  If you slack off now you have NO SHOT at passing the Regents or the course, so make your decisions carefully.


People in Reform Movements Review Questions

All answers can be found on pages A-13 to A-20

  1. Why is Jane Addams important?
  2. Why is Susan B. Anthony important?
  3. Why is John Brown important?
  4. Why is Rachel Carson important?
  5. Why is Cesar Chavez important?
  6. Why Eugene V. Debs important?
  7. Why is Dorothea Dix important?
  8. Why is Frederick Douglass important?
  9. Why is W.E.B. Du Bois important?
  10. Why is “Duke” Ellington important?
  11. Why is Medgar Evers important?
  12. Why is Henry Ford important?
  13. Why is Betty Friedan important?
  14. Why is William Lloyd Garrison important?
  15. Why is Marcus Garvey important?
  16. Why is Samuel Gompers important?
  17. Why is William Randolph Hearst important?
  18. Why is Langston Hughes important?
  19. Why is Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. important?
  20. Why is Robert LaFollette important?
  1. Why is Sinclair Lewis important?
  2. Why is Malcolm X important?
  3. Why is Horace Mann important?
  4. Why is John Muir important?
  5. Why is Ralph Nader important?
  6. Why is Frank Norris important?
  7. Why is Rosa Parks important?
  8. Why is Joseph Pulitzer important?
  9. Why is Jacob Riis important?
  10. Why is Margaret Sanger important?
  11. Why is Upton Sinclair important?
  12. Why is Bessie Smith important?
  13. Why is Elizabeth Cady Stanton important?
  14. Why is Lincoln Steffens important?
  15. Why is Harriet Beecher Stowe important?
  16. Why is Ida Tarbell important?
  17. Why is Booker T. Washington important?
  18. Why is Ida Wells-Barnett important?
  19. Why is John Peter Zenger important?

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