Tuesday, June 17, 2014

US History: Uh oh...

As a side note to today's exam, my Dad was soooo mad Betty Friedan was part of the essay!  :)

If you were in one of the classes that heard my college graduation story, you know why he was so mad!  If you remember, I told you "don't write about this on the Regents!"  Prophetic, right?  ;)

Here's another tip...if you wrote about Brown v. Board of Ed you are in trouble on that Thematic Essay.  Big and bolded after the suggested list it stated you could NOT use that case.  I guess it was too close to the civil rights stuff they had in the documents.  I warned you they did it with Global a few years back...

The test was as expected.  The multiple choice was the same info but worded differently, the documents were much easier than I expected, I told you to learn some cases and the background of them (like Plessy & train cars in LA & deliberately violating Jim Crow to get the case heard...and if you wrote Plessy but not that you have another potentially big problem on your hands.)  I kept saying Reform Movements & Cases, and that's what you pretty much got. 

We talked a lot about the connections between women's rights & the Civil Rights movement, so I hope you remembered stuff that wasn't in the documents & made the connection.

We might have grades by Tuesday.  Do not email me before then or I will ignore all of your emails.

I wish you much luck on your remaining exams!  I hope you did well today!  Let me know what you wrote about & your outside info for your DBQ as well as what you did for your Thematic!

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