Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Global II: This is it!

This is it.

  • Go to bed by 9, no electronics.
  • Get up ON TIME.
  • Don't miss the bus.
  • Don't be late.
  • Remember your penS, ID, & seat #.
  • Eat breakfast (and I don't mean cookies.)
  • Study time is over.  You did or you did not, it isn't a "cram test" so "it is what it is" (as Mr. Ramo likes to say.)

Remember the plan:
5 min: box out (outline) Thematic
5 min: box out (outline) DBQ (without reading documents)
50 min: Multiple Choice (on BOCES Sheet, not in booklet)
20 min: Do Documents (directly in Regents booklet)
5 min: Finish DBQ outline
45 min: Write DBQ essay
50 min: Write Thematic essay

I will walk up & down reminding you of this as time elapses.

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