Thursday, June 5, 2014

Regents Review Homework Make-Ups - Read This!

This is your one final chance to turn in any Regents Review work that was late, incomplete, or not done in accordance with the directions you were given. 

All regents Review homework due through today has been graded & entered into Engrade.  If you have anything other than a grade of 100, it is for one of the following reasons:
    - you didn't bother to do it
    - you tried to turn it in late
    - you turned it in incomplete
    - you did not follow the directions

I will allow you to make up this work only as described above - here are the details & conditions (& if you do not follow them I will not count any work you resubmit):
1.  All work must be re-written.  If you turn in the same work and just "fix it" you will get no credit.
2.  I have all the work submitted to me that falls under the last 3 points above.  You may pick it up before 1st period tomorrow.  I will not deal with the paperwork after 7:30 AM tomorrow.
3.  If re-submitted on time & all directions (these & the original ones) have been followed, you will receive half credit for that work.  If not, you will get nothing.
4.  Please don't ask me "what did I do wrong" after 10 months of requiring you to follow the same homework procedure.  I will not answer that question any longer.  Ask a friend.  Re-read the directions.  Look back over your homework sheets since September.  Nothing has changed.  Nothing.
5.  US HISTORY: This applies only to work due Thursday, 6/5 & earlier.  There will be no make-ups allowed for anything die tomorrow, 6/6, or later.  Don't follow the directions, get no credit.  Period.
6.  If you cut class on a due date, you cannot make up that work.  No exceptions.  Claim you didn't cut?  it's on YOU to prove it through official attendance records.  I'm not looking it up for you.

You will receive half credit for work re-submitted - here are the details:
    - No credit will be given if the directions are ignored
    - No credit will be given for incomplete work
    - Once the bell starting 1st period rings on Monday, the deadline has   expired.  No work will be accepted after that bell. 
    - All work must be given to me, personally.  Work put n my box will not be accepted. 
    - If you are absent on Monday you lose this opportunity.  I will not take your work from another student.

DEADLINE: Before 1st period on Monday, June 9th.  This is a firm deadline.  It will not be extended.  I don't have to give you this opportunity to begin with, so I'm not flexible on this AT ALL.

Come to 2534 before 1st period tomorrow to pick up your work if you want to.  You can only get your own unless I receive an email before 7 AM tomorrow morning at

Not sure you want to do this?   Check out your Engrade average so far, with still more work to go tomorrow & next week that you may - or may not - pass.

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