Thursday, May 29, 2014

Who gets Free Pizza So Far? See Below:

US History:  Keep in mind that to be in class, on time, & fully prepared.  It is based on this week (since review began.)

If not, I will not be paying for your pizza.

Global II:  Keep in mind that to remain on this list you must have tomorrow's HW in, on time, fully completed & according to the directions plus be in class, on time, & fully prepared. 

If not, I will not be paying for your pizza.
Congratulations (so far!) to the following students who signed up for tomorrow's review & have done everything I have asked of them to help prepare themselves for the Regents!
GLOBAL II:                      US HISTORY:
 Fatima Cruz                     Alyssa Epstein
Oscar Tapia                      Stephen McGuire
Ivan Santos *                    Denisse Canales
                                          Kevin Rodriguez
                                          Alysha Cordero
                                          Muhammad Afzal
                                          Keyanae Miller
                                          Jose Buchanan
Mr. Ramo & I are both very proud of you.  As a reward, we'd like to buy you 2 slices of pizza at tomorrow's review (no, you can't share with someone else because they didn't earn it like you did!) It's a lot of money to spend so he gets a say in if I do it or not, and he is always in favor of rewarding you for working hard toward a good Regents score.  So, Congrats & keep up the good work!
Not on the list?  You have a new chance next week to be on the list for next Friday's review.  Same rules apply.  If you disqualify yourself from free pizza you can still attend just have to pay for your own pizza (if you want pizza.)
 * IVAN - You should not be on the list, but Mr. Ramo thinks you should be because I have that mental block about calling you Oscar, so you get pizza on Mr. Ramo.

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