Sunday, May 18, 2014

Review Pick-Up Notice: 5:15 or Taking the Bus, No Exceptions

Parents & Students:

Due to late pick-up's from review on Friday I was late for my own after-care pick up.  I incurred a significant fine &, according to the contract, if I am late a second time the money paid for the program is lost & the care is terminated, plus a second significant fine.  Should that happen, there can be no further after-school review.

Therefore, any student being picked up from review MUST BE PICKED UP NO LATER THAN 5:15 PM.  If you are not there by 5:15, your student will be given a bus pass for the 5:30 bus & sent to the bus platform to get on that bus.  There is no security, no administration, so no one to wait with your student.  Your student is required to remain outside the building once released from review.  They are only permitted to be in the building during the time approved for my review.  Review ends at 5:15.

If your student already takes the bus nothing has changed for you.  If your student is walking home, a permission slip must be presented to me at the start of EACH review session.

I realize 5:15 can be a challenge to working parents, but that's why there are busses.  Student's can find out which 5:30 bus to take in the Discipline Office before 2:15 any day of the school week.  They are not the same routes as the 3:00 bus.

Thank you for your understanding & adhering to the times I have posted if you are picking up your student. 

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