Thursday, May 8, 2014

Global II: Science & Technology HW Questions

REMINDER: “NIB” Means “not it review book.”  You have flash cards, the internet, your prior knowledge, this year’s notes, last year’s notes…so leaving anything blank or putting an answer that shows zero effort are the same to me…and anything blank = no credit for the assignment.

REVIEW means remember or reminder, it is NOT reteach or relearn!!  If you slack off now you have NO SHOT at passing the Regents or the course, so make your decisions carefully.

Science & Technology Review Questions

  1. What is cuneiform? (p. 6)
  2. What two Chinese inventions helped create books later on? (p. 11 & NIB)
  3. How did roads help Ancient Rome? (p. NIB)
  4. How did the printing press affect history? (NIB)
  5. Define “cartographer.” 
  6. Using your definition from Question #5: How did the Age of Exploration affect cartography? (NIB)
  7. Why is the steam engine an important advance during the Industrial revolution? (p. 166)
  8. What is mass production? (NIB)
  9. What was the significance of the machine gun in WWI? (p. 194 & THINK!!)
  10. How did the atomic bomb affect the global community? (p. 213-5)
  11. Identify 8 inventions created by the Chinese (pp. 11 & 78)


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