Thursday, May 1, 2014

Global II: Important Info

Some information for the rest of the year:

  • There is no more extra help.  If you are in class daily, on time, prepared with all required supplies, and doing all HW completely & as directed, you are eligible to attend Regents Review.  This will not start until May 16th, and all but 2 are Fridays.  More details will follow next week.
  • There are no more make-ups.  You are in class or not.  You are on time or not.  You are prepared or not.
  • Late work will not be accepted.  If you are late, so is your work.
  • Incomplete work will receive no credit.  Work not done as directed will receive no credit.
  • Test grades are easy: you are in class, on time, prepared with supplies I ask for or you are not.  You have a 100 or a 0.  There is no partial credit.
  • Quizzes: same as tests.
  • Classwork: same as tests...mostly.  You get full points or no points for each day every week, and you get a classwork grade based on that "score."  if you miss 2 days the maximum CW grade you can earn that week is a 60.  If I have to toss you out of the room for any reason whatsoever you have a zero for CW that week. 
  • No review flash cards we make in class will be posted to copy at home.  if you miss them during class, make a friend.  If you missed class, see the posts above about attendance for the next 7 weeks being mandatory.
Today was a test grade.  You were in class, on time, with pen & highlighter or you got a zero.  Easy...right?  ANYONE can get a decent average (if not outstanding one) this marking period & maybe still pull out a passing course grade (if you're currently failing for the year) if you follow every single bullet above.

Supplies are due tomorrow.  All of them.  I will not look at them for you on Monday, but I will give you a zero for not having them tomorrow, or being absent, or being late...

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