Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Regents Review Schedule & Details, both courses

US History Regents is on June 17th
Global Regents is on June 18th

"Paid Review" - so ANYONE can attend - is on-going.  Check the hallways for times & room numbers for both Global & US.  I will post them once I have a compete list.

MY Regents Review dates for both courses will be in Rooms 2534 & 2535 as follows:

May 16 from 2:05 - 5:15 (5:30 bus)
May 22 from 2:05 - 5:15 (5:30 bus)
May 30 from 2:05 - 5:15 (5:30 bus)
June 6 from 2:05 - 7:00 (need a ride home, ride must be on time or cannot attend further reviews)
June 13 from 2:05 - 7:00 (need a ride home, ride must be on time or cannot attend further reviews)
June 16 from 2:05 - 7:00 (need a ride home, ride must be on time or cannot attend further reviews)

Sign-up sheets will go up for both courses on Monday, deadline to sign up is the day before review.

Let me start by saying this:  going to review session will not help you pass any regents Exam unless you are putting in the study time outside of class, are in class for that review, and making a serious effort toward advancing your education.  If you aren't doing the last 3, don't waste your time at my review.  It will not help you.

  • If you have chronic attendance issues, lateness, cutting, or a history of disciplinary issues in class, you cannot attend these reviews. 
  • Global will be in 1 room; US will be in the other
  • Students will work in pairs using my own flash cards for the duration of the review unless a Part 1 is done.  This is at my discretion. 
  • Review is not lecture-based, nor is it teacher-centered.  I have been doing reviews with very successful results this way for more than a decade.
  • Students will not use their own flash cards as these should remain at home once written out in class
  • I have 24 spots available in each review, and 60 students in Global/90 in US History...so signing up when the sheet goes up is very important.  Once the review is full, it's full.
  • Students must sign up for each review weekly on the sheet in class.
  • Students must bring their own drinks, should be in bottles (cans, cups, & open containers not allowed) 
  • Student can bring a snack but cannot eat while using my cards to avoid accidents or ruining my cards.
  • Students who were in class every day, on time, fully prepared, all homework fully completed as assigned, and working diligently in class as directed will be given a snack that I will purchase for them, usually pizza.  Those students who are at review but do not meet these requirements will have to pay for pizza should they want it, cost of slice & delivery total $1.25.  Exact change is necessary since I don't usually have a bag of quarters or singles in my classroom!  Money is collected at start of review before ordering takes place.
  • Students who cut class in any given week are not allowed to attend that week's review.
  • Students who sign up for review but do not attend will not be allowed to attend future reviews.
  • Students must stay until the end of the review session.  If a student opts to leave before review ends the student will not be allowed to attend future reviews.
  • Pick-ups must be on time.  Students who are not picked up at the designated time cannot attend future reviews.  I have a family to get home to as well, so staying at school an extra 30 minutes or an hour waiting for a ride creates difficulty with my own family & schedule.  Thank you in advance for your understanding & timeliness.
  • If your student is a walker, a permission slip must be submitted for each review attended, signed by a parent or guardian, or the student will not be allowed to stay for review.  The ties are late, they are likely walking alone, and some of these times release students at the height of rush hour traffic.

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