Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Review, Apathy, & Failure

There are just 5 spots open for this Friday's US History Review.  If you want to attend but haven't signed up, I highly suggest you come by my room, 2534, before 1st period & sign yourself up.  Once the spots are filled review is "closed" & no one else will be able to sign up for this week. 

Sadly, there are 16 open spots still remaining for Global II.  Have you seen some of your averages?  All you had to do was be in class, on time, prepared, & do your homework, that I GAVE YOU THE PAGE NUMBERS WHERE THE ANSWERS ARE LOCATED.

Listen, when you fail this Global Regents it is on YOU.  As of the start of review you lost the "right" to blame your 9th grade teacher.  You lost the "right" to blame me.  This is all on you - whether it's praise for your hard work or fault for a lack of it.  If you refuse to study, you are exercising your right to fail.  If you refuse to be prepared, you are exercising your right to fail.  I'm sure your parents won't like it, & I don't think you'll enjoy being left back with this year's 9th graders...but you can only blame YOURSELF when that happens. 

Your regents is in 12 class + 2 days of finals + 1 day off while the US kids take their exam.  That's it.

If I were you I'd get to my room before 1st period & sign up.  I'm done reminding you.

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