Sunday, May 4, 2014

US History: Chapter 27 Exam now "live"

Your Chapter 27 Exam is now "live" in Castle Learning.  Like your previous exams, this test is timed to 42 minutes, same as a class period.  Once you log in to the exam you will not be able "log out" & stop the timer.  Be sure you have the time to finish the test once you log into it, since no additional time will be granted because you "timed out." 

The Exam will close on Wednesday, 5/7 at 2:30 PM.  This gives you 4 days, including 3 days at school with full access to those computers, to do the exam.

All closed exams have been posted in Engrade (4th marking period) - be sure to check out your current average (though not all assignments have been entered as of this post) before deciding to blow off an exam.

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