Sunday, November 23, 2014

US History: Extra Credit on Tuesday's Exam...due TOMORROW (Monday, 11/24)!

5 points extra credit on Tuesday's test...

Print out the full text of Lincoln's "House Divided" speech given during the debates with Stephen Douglas.

You will need to put your name on it & turn it in at the end of don't plan on "borrowing" someone else's copy for your class period!  (I was your age once so, even if long ago, I know how some of you will scheme around printing it yourself.)

It will be helpful for class tomorrow depending on how far we get, but the copies I sent of the speech for you have not yet been returned.  It is NOT mandatory.

PS: You MUST be in class, on time tomorrow, printout "in hand" to be eligible.  If any of these don't happen, you have opted yourself out of the extra credit!

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