Saturday, April 11, 2015

Global II: Chapter 34 Questions

Chapter 34 Section 1:

The Indian Subcontinent Gains Independence

  1. How were the Japanese defeat in WWII and Asian nationalism connected?
  2. Why was Great Britain willing to give up its colonies after WWII?
  3. How are the Indian National Congress and the Muslim League different?
  4. Why did the Muslim League want Indian partitioned?
  5. How did partition affect the people of India?
  6. Why was the Kashmir issue considered a “challenge?”
  7. Why is India still “challenged” today?
  8. How were East and West Pakistan different?
  9. Why is there civil war in Sri Lanka?


Chapter 34 Section 2:

Southeast Asian Nations Gain Independence

  1. How did the Cold War affect the United States’ relation with the Philippines after it gained independence?
  2. Why did Filipinos view American military bases negatively?
  3. Why is Ferdinand Marcos important?
  4. Why is Corazon Aquino important?
  5. Why is Aung San Suu Kyi important?
  6. Why did the Indonesians revolt against the Dutch?
  7. Why is Suharto important?
  8. Why was Suharto criticized about East Timor?


Chapter 34 Section 3:

New Nations in Africa

  1. Why did the Negritude movement begin?
  2. Why is Kwame Nkrumah important?
  3. Why was the Organization of African Unity (OAU) formed?
  4. How did the Mau Mau help remove the British from Kenya?
  5. Why is Jomo Kenyatta important?
  6. Why was the Congo poorly prepared for independence?
  7. Why is Mobutu Sese Seko important?
  8. Why did the Algerian National Liberation Front (FLN) develop?
  9. Why is there civil war in Algeria?


Chapter 34 Section 4:

Conflicts in the Middle East

  1. Why has there been historical conflict over Palestine?
  2. Why is the Balfour Declaration important?
  3. How did the United Nations “settle” the issue of Palestine?
  4. Why were many people unhappy with the UN’s resolution?
  5. Explain the Suez Crisis.
  6. Why did the Six-Day War occur?
  7. How did the Six-Day War affect Israel?
  8. Why is Anwar Sadat important?
  9. Why is Golda Meir important?
  10. Why is the Camp David Accords important?
  11. How did the PLO affect Israel?
  12. Describe the intifada.
  13. Why is the Declaration of Principles important?



Chapter 34 Section 5:

Central Asia Struggles


  1. How did the USSR affect Central Asia?
  2. How did control by the USSR economically affect Central Asia?
  3. Why are there “issues” in Azerbaijan?
  4. Describe Afghanistan.
  5. How had imperialism affected Afghanistan?
  6. Why did the Soviet Union invade Afghanistan?
  7. What roles did the mujahideen play in the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan?
  8. Describe the Taliban in Afghanistan.
  9. How did the Taliban change Afghani society?
  10. Identify two challenges Afghanistan faces.


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