Monday, January 28, 2013

US History Extra Credit: Upton Sinclair

If ALL homework due this week has been turned in completed, in proper format, and on time this wee, you are eligible to submit this extra credit. Cutting and lateness to class without a valid reason makes you ineligible for this extra credit.

Write a 3-5 page paper highlighting the reason why Upton Sinclair wrote "The Jungle," what Sinclair discovered in doing research for his book, reactions both in favor of and against the ideas contained in the book, the impact "The Jungle" had on American society, American government, and how Sinclair's work continues to affect us today.  All papers must be handwritten, in standard blue or black pen, to be accepted. Use a proper homework heading and the title of this blog entry as your assignment title.

Due no later than the beginning of your class period Friday, 2/1. No exceptions.

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