Wednesday, January 2, 2013

US History test closes in 5 hours!

No joke - as stated on your homework sheet, this is a DOUBLE TEST GRADE, it opened on 12/20, and will close before midnight TONIGHT.  I have had no trouble logging into Castle Learning today, and since 10 more people have done the exam since school ended, any problems anyone had are clearly resolved.

Half of you have NOT done or completed the test.  If you plan to fail the marking period, this is a good way to accomplish it.  Since your goal should always be to PASS, with GOOD GRADES, I suggest you get working if you haven;t started/completed the test yet.  You had 14 days, notes, a textbook, and any online source you can think of to help you. 

As I said verbally & in writing, there will be no extensions.  Grades from the test go into my grade book tomorrow.  make yours a good one instead of something that looks like a circle.

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