Tuesday, January 1, 2013

US History Homework: 1/3-1/8/13

Students will receive this in class on Thursday, 1/3.

U.S History & Govt                           1/3/13 – 1/8/13

Homework Assignments

All assignments are due by the date listed in the “date due” column. 

Please see me in advance if you have any problems with any assignment.   The following heading must be used on all assignments to gain credit for your work:

YOUR NAME                                                                SUBJECT
ASSIGNMENT TITLE (on each assignment)            CLASS PERIOD
You must write out all questions AND answer in complete sentences for work to be accepted!
All work must be on loose-leaf or notebook paper in standard blue or black pen unless otherwise stated. 
Typed work will not be accepted.



Content Review
The States Choose Sides (can do on handout)
  *This handout is TWO pages long, look for titles on pages!
Friday, 1/4
Content Review
Resources of the North & South (can do on handout)
  *Hand in only question sheet
The Politics of War (can do on handout)
The Emancipation Proclamation (do on separate paper)
The North Takes Charge (can do on handout)
Monday, 1/4
Content Review
Castle Learning: US History Ch. 10 HW
The assignment will “open” on 1/3 and “close” on 1/7.  If you fail to complete the work by 1/7 you will receive a score of zero.  If you do not have a Castle Learning Username &/or password you must see someone in the Computer Lab, as instructed for the last several months. Use your notes & textbook to complete the assignment!
Since many of you have stated C.L. is having issues when you use mobile devices to do the work, my suggestion is you do not use those devices to complete this work.
Tuesday, 1/8

“The Americans” textbook online reminder:
Activation Code:  (is on your actual HW packet, not posted online since the District has to pay for that option!)

Pages listed on handouts may not match your textbook.  Look through Chapter 10 & your class notes if this happens!

Don’t want to do homework?  Remember the consequences of your choices:
1.    Get a zero on every assignment you fail to complete (not recommended)
2.    Possible failure of the marking period

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