Thursday, December 19, 2013

A "firm" reminder about tomorrow

Just a reminder to what I mentioned last week as well as earlier this week before being out sick:

No one has permission to go caroling or anywhere else during my class period. 
You have a full period exam tomorrow.
You are expected to be in class, prepared, & on time.
I will NOT accept passes from the music wing because you were caroling the period before my class. 
Stop and get yourself a late pass from 1412 since that's exactly where I will be sending you if you show up with any other pass.
My class is required for graduation.
This Regents is required for graduation.
Caroling may be more fun & festive, but it is NOT required for graduation.
If you opt to cut class to go caroling, you will receive a zero on your exam with no opportunity to make it up, since you elected to miss the test by cutting class.

Please keep this in mind tomorrow if you fall into the "caroling" category. 
Study tonight, be on time & prepared tomorrow.
See you then!

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