Friday, March 28, 2014

Global II: "Test" again on Monday

Your Chapter 33 test will be given next Wednesday or Thursday, TBA on Monday.  You WILL have a test on Monday, same system as today.  Here is how it will work.
  • I will ask "you" a question from the Cuba, Iran, or First, Second, Third World questions sheets (that go with your documents.)  You will only have these 3 sheets, your pen, and your highlighter on your desk.
  • "You" will answer my question - immediately - because all you have to do is read what you wrote off your paper.  If you do that, and it is correct, you passedIf you do not (don't have the sheet, don't have it done, don't have that question, answer is clearly wrong or very incomplete) failNo second chance.

In case you need me to point it out, this means that EVERYONE will be called on AT LEAST ONCE during class.  I WILL NOT ALLOW ANSWERS BASED ON RAISED HANDS.  I have printed a randomized list from Engrade and that is the order I will use to ask the questions.  When will your name be called?  No way for you to know.

Counts exactly the same as every other in-class test you have taken.

Be on time, because to be late could mean a zero on the exam. 
Be prepared with ALL sheets and ALL questions completed.

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