Friday, March 28, 2014

US History: Chapter 21 HW Questions

Chapter 21 Section 1:  Changing Ways of Life

  1. Describe the “new urban scene.
  2. Why were some people in favor of Prohibition?
  3. Why was the government almost powerless to stop illegal alcohol manufacturing, sale, or consumption?
  4. Why did speakeasies develop?
  5. Why did prescriptions for alcohol increase?
  6. What role did bootlegger splay in Prohibition?
  7. How did organized crime affect Prohibition?
  8. Identify the problems fundamentalists had with science.
  9. Why was the Scopes Trial held?
  10. What were the results of the Scopes Trial?
Chapter 21 Section 2:  The Twenties Woman

  1. How did WWI affect the attitudes of women?
  2. Why did young women become flappers?
  3. Describe flappers.
  4. How did dating change during the 1920s?
  5. Why did a “double standard” exist between men & women?
  6. How did job opportunities for women change during the 1920s?
  7. Why did family size decrease during the 1920s?
  8. How did technology change family life in the 1920s?
  9. How did ideas on marriage change during the 1920s?
  10. How did the 1920s change being a teenager based on pre-WWI roles?

Chapter 21 Section 3:  The War at Home

  1. How did the 1920s change education?
  2. How did education affect taxes during the 1920s?
  3. How did the radio change life in the 1920s?
  4. What were the “common aspiration” reflected in the Golden Age of Sports?
  5. Why is Charles Lindbergh important?
  6. Why did movies become popular?
  7. How did concert music change during the 1920s?
  8. How did F. Scott Fitzgerald portray the 1920s in his novels?
  9. How did Ernest Hemingway change literature during the 1920s?

Chapter 21 Section 4:  The Harlem Renaissance

  1. Why did the Great Migration occur?
  2. How did the NAACP approach racial violence during the 1920s?
  3. What did Marcus Garvey believe?
  4. How did Marcus Garvey gain followers?
  5. Describe Harlem in the 1920s.
  6. What was the Harlem Renaissance?
  7. Why is Langston Hughes important?
  8. Why is Louis Armstrong important?
  9. Why is “Duke” Ellington important?


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