Sunday, February 1, 2015

2 Hour Delay means...

By now you have heard about the 2 hour delay.  Last year was the first year we had one of these, so let me remind you of some basic things you should already know...but kids didn't last year.

Yes, the busses are still coming, just 2 hours LATER than normal.  If your bus gets you at 6:55, then it will be there at 8:55 (give or take, since the weather & roads are likely to be bad.)

Yes, you go to ALL 8 PERIODS tomorrow, just for shorter amounts of time.  This means that you are still required to have al of your homework, etc. done for ever single class.

Yes, we still get out at the same time.  No, we don't stay at school 2 hours later.

Yes, you are still marked late to school if you are late.  Same as any other day.

Also, it's not a good "fashion day."  Dress for the weather, especially your shoes.  It's supposed to be very icy (1/4 inch everywhere is still what I'm hearing), so cute heels or expensive sneakers are bad, bad ideas.  Same for tops.  Find one with long sleeves that isn't a "half-shirt" and wear THAT tomorrow.  It's about staying safe & warm, not looking cute.  Not on cruddy weather days.

Please stay tuned to News12 or the District phone calls in the morning in case the District decides to close.  Depends on the roads & if we start losing power inn the buildings from ice.

So I say for the 3rd time in a week, stay safe, stay warm, and be careful coming to school tomorrow - especially waiting at the bus stop.  See you then.

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