Wednesday, February 11, 2015

US History: Chapter 18 Questions

Due Monday, 2/23.
Also posted in Edmodo in case you want/need to print them out at school before break!
Chapter 18 Section 1:  Imperialism & America

  1. How did imperialism affect Africa?
  2. How did imperialism affect Asia?
  3. Why did America begin to practice imperialism?
  4. Why did the U.S. want mew markets?
  5. Why were some Americans anti-imperialist?
  6. Why was Hawaii annexed by the U.S.?


Chapter 18 Section 2:  The Spanish-American-Cuban War

  1. Why was public opinion in the U.S. split over war in Cuba?
  2. Describe “yellow journalism.”
  3. How did yellow journalism escalate conditions in Cuba?
  4. What was the De Lome letter?
  5. How did the De Lome letter help escalate conditions in Cuba?
  6. How did the USS Maine help escalate conditions in Cuba?
  7. Describe the Rough Riders.
  8. What role did the Rough Riders play in the Spanish-American War?
  9. Describe the provisions of the Treaty of Paris (1898).
  10. How did the Spanish-American War affect the Philippines?


Chapter 18 Section 3:  Acquiring New Lands

  1. Why did the American military go to Puerto Rico?
  2. Why did Puerto Rico’s attitude about U.S. intervention change?
  3. How did the U.S. view Puerto Rico?
  4. Describe the Foraker Act.
  5. Describe the Platt Amendment.
  6. How did American economic interests fuel U.S. foreign policy in Cuba?
  7. What caused the Philippine-American War?
  8. What were the results of the Philippine-American War?
  9. Why are the Open Door Notes important?
  10. How did the Open Door Policy reflect American beliefs?
  11. Why were some Americans in favor of imperialism?
  12. Why were some Americans opposed to imperialism?


Chapter 18 Section 4:  American as a World Power

  1. How did Teddy Roosevelt mediate an end to the Russo-Japanese War?
  2. Why was the Panama Canal built?
  3. How is Columbia involved in the Panama Canal?
  4. What challenges were faced in building the Panama Canal?
  5. How did the Roosevelt Corollary affect Latin America?
  6. Describe “dollar diplomacy.”
  7. Why did Wilson use “missionary diplomacy?”
  8. How did the Mexican Revolution affect the U.S.?


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