Saturday, October 27, 2012

Extra Credit - ALL Subjects

It's been quite a week - 2 tragic deaths, 2 funerals, "my" wedding anniversary, and my birthday all rolled into one very busy 8 days.  No time to post extra credit this week, but time is also short on the marking period.  As a result of my lack of time, here is one final extra credit for the marking period, due Thursday, 11/1.  Find your class subject to find your assignment.
I was very lucky to have Gram.  She was my great-grandmother and lived until the end of March of my Senior year of HS.  She was in her late 90s.  She was the only living grandparent who took a true interest in any of us kids, and I was the oldest.  That means I got a lot of her time as well as became the closest great-grand kid to her.

Throughout her life Gram told me stories of HER life - as a kid, as a teenager, as an adult.  The time I spent with her was filled with these stories - her father's line-of-duty death at the turn of the (last) century (he was NYPD in the 1800s until his death in 1904); living on Columbus Circle in Manhattan during the 1900s & 1910s; experiencing the "American melting pot" first-hand; working in a factory during the latter years of the Industrial Revolution and hating it; getting a job at Western Union to help support her family; watching a husband of 6 months go off to war (WWI) only to come home and die of the "Spanish Flu" he caught in the trenches of the Western Front; to watch a second husband almost get called into WWII...and so much more.

Gram taught me history.  Not from a book, not from TV, but from her life.  It wasn't history to HER, it was HER LIFE EXPERIENCES.  In the end, that's all history really is - the experiences of those who have come before us.  What did I learn?  Three things.  1.  Gram was an amazing woman well ahead of her time, all the time.  2.  That Morse code she taught helped me talk to her under the table at Sunday dinners so no one else could "hear" us.  It was awesome. :)  3.  History was not boring at all.  You just have to think of it as one big story with lots of plots, twists, characters, protagonists, and any good book.

Are you lucky enough to have a "Gram" in your life?  If so, what has this special person taught YOU about history?  ANY period of history that they have first-hand knowledge or family history passed down to them about counts.  Write a 1-3 page paper about what they have taught you about history.  Haven't thought about doing this before with a grandparent or great-grandparent?  Now is the perfect time.  They'll probably be thrilled you asked. :)  Remember, this must be handwritten. 

Gettysburg & Antietam were turning points in during the Civil War.  Pick one and write a 2-4 page paper including the following: state, date of battle, causes of battle, details about the battle, who "won" the battle, and the results of the battle.  Remember, this must be handwritten.  Typed assignments will not be accepted.  Don't copy & paste from books or websites - I am very familiar with resources regarding these battles so will know if you copied from somewhere.  :)

The Industrial Revolution was a turning point in World History. Pick four inventions created during this time period and write a 2-4 page paper (for all combined, not for each!) including the following: inventor, date invented, when first used, why it was invented, how it affected factories, people, or businesses, how did it affect society.  Remember, this must be handwritten. Typed assignments will not be accepted. Don't copy & paste from books or websites - I know if you copied from somewhere. :)

Ancient Greece had a major impact on World History, especially Athens & Sparta.  Write a 2-4 page paper that compares Athens & Sparta, including the following: type of government used, art, culture, military, slavery, social classes, role & rights of women, & citizenship. Remember, this must be handwritten. Typed assignments will not be accepted. Don't copy & paste from books or websites - I know if you copied from somewhere. :)

And yes, CAN do both. :)  Yes, you.  You know who you are. :)

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