Monday, October 29, 2012

Stay Safe & More Updates

If you didn't already get the call, school is also closed tomorrow, Tuesday 10/30.

All work due tomorrow will be due Wednesday upon our return to school (because I simply cannot imagine we'll be closed for a 3rd day, but I guess "never say never.")

While many of you may be excited over another day off, keep in mind that there are many people who had to leave their homes and may suffer significant loses due to the storm.  Please take a moment to think of them before celebrating another day off.

I will see you Wednesday...I hope.

PS - In the past Mr. Loeschner has allowed costumes to be worn at school (this was not allowed for many years.)  here are some general rules to follow should you decide to dress for Halloween to come to school.  Keep in mind that you can (& likely will) be sent home if you violate any of these items:
1.  Dress codes still apply.  Nothing too low cut, too high cut, missing pieces of clothing in "strategic areas," and nothing sheer.  Same dress code rules apply to costumes as all other school outfits.
2.  You must be able to sit in your desk as you would any other day, and you re must not impede the view of those behind you.
3.  You must be able to get to classes on time.
4.  Violence-themed is not allowed.  Ditto for "props."
5.  Masks and face paint are not allowed.  The general rule with make-up is "if ti disguises who you are you can't wear it."

I hope this is helpful as you make your wardrobe choice for Wednesday!

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