Thursday, October 18, 2012

US History Homework: UPDATED DUE DATES

The code I gave out in class yesterday must have one complained about it today!  Here are the updated due dates.

WAS DUE on 10/15 is NOW DUE on 10/19 (assigned on 10/17 with new due date)
WAS DUE on 10/16 is NOW DUE on 10/22
WAS DUE on 10/17 is NOW DUE on 10/22
WAS DUE on 10/18 is NOW DUE on 10/22
WAS DUE on 10/19 is NOW DUE on 10/23
Chapter 5 Section 3 Questions are NOW DUE on 10/24
Regents Connections & packet questions 4-6 are NOW DUE on 10/25
Vocabulary is NOW DUE on 10/26, Quiz same day
Castle Learning Test remains unchanged at this time.

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