Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Global I Homework: 11/20-12/4/12

Students will receive this packet in class on Monday, 11/19.

Global H & G I                      11/20 – 12/4/12

Homework Assignments

All assignments are due by the date listed in the “date due” column. 

Please see me in advance if you have any problems with any assignment.   The following heading must be used on all assignments to gain credit for your work:

YOUR NAME                                                          SUBJECT
ASSIGNMENT TITLE (on each assignment)       CLASS PERIOD
You must write out all questions AND answer in complete sentences for work to be accepted!
All work must be on loose-leaf or notebook paper in standard blue or black pen. 
Typed work will not be accepted. 



Content Review
Chapter 6 Section 1 Questions
Tuesday, 11/20
Content Review
Chapter 6 Section 2 Questions
Wed., 11/21
Content Review
Chapter 6 Section 4 Questions
Chapter 6 Section 5 Questions
Monday, 11/26
Content Review
Chapter 6 Vocabulary
(words due and quiz on them today)
Tuesday, 11/27

Content Review

Chapter 6 Test Review Sheet
(attached, counts as a test grade, not accepted late since answers are given out the same day.)
Wed., 11/28

Content Review

Chapter 6 Test
You must have a standard blue or black pen to take exam.  Make-up date is Thursday, 12/6 in 2534.  Doors locked at 2:05.
Tuesday, 12/4
Only work done in the proper format will receive full credit.  Work not done as directed may receive partial credit or no credit at all.  If you do not do your homework, you will fail the marking period even if you have good quiz & test grades.  Consult your Expectations letter for weights and percentages of each category.

If you are legally absent from class your homework is expected on your first day back, including all work already scheduled to be due that day or it will be considered late.  Late work may not be accepted, and work that is accepted will be for a maximum of half credit (so no higher than a 50.)  If you cut class, you cannot turn in your homework, you get an automatic zero on anything due that day.

Want to pass?  Show up, on time, every day, prepared.  Behave.  Participate in a positive and effective manner.  Do all homework and classwork.  Study for all tests & quizzes.  Stay for extra help as needed.  It’s really that simple.


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