Saturday, January 18, 2014

Extra Credit Tuesday, 1/21...might be the last one for the Marking Period!

Extra credit opportunity this TUESDAY, 1/21, from 2:05-2:45 PM.

Three spots open for filing.

Requirements to earn the credit: show up on time, must stay until 2:45, must have all HW due Tuesday completed, including all notes copied.  If you don't do the HW but stay anyway, you will not receive any extra credit.  If you signed up for last week's extra credit but never showed up, you are not eligible for it this week.

Email me via Engrade to claim a spot.  You can sign up a friend without Engrade access, with their permission...but if they fail to show you won't get the credit either.  Be sure you have spoken with the person if you sign them up!!

There may be extra credit on Thursday, I'll know by Tuesday night.  Stay tuned.

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