Wednesday, January 29, 2014


2nd Quarter averages for GLOBAL have been entered & saved in ESchool.  Want to know what it is?  Check Engrade.  Your average reflects the work you turned in, or maybe didn't bother to turn in.  There are no surprises.  You did passing work, as shown in the gradebook, you passed.  If you didn't, then you didn't!

With half the year gone, it's literally now or never.  Some of you are now doomed to repeat this course next year.  Some of you are one failing marking period away from that fate.
Make a decision.  Are you going to pass, or are you going to be a 10th grader AGAIN next year?

See you Friday.

PS - While US History grades have not yet been entered, the same applies to you.  Your midterms & Ch 12 test still need to be input, but everything else is in there.

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