Wednesday, December 3, 2014

All Students...

Well...I just heard about your day (the day in general, not your particular class period.)  I hope you are OK.

As I said in my Engrade emails to Global students, I will NOT be fixing the issues/posting work due for tomorrow - the work will be pushed back.  US History kids - same thing.  Decompress as necessary, or study for your upcoming quizzes & exams if you are "over" the day's events.  I will reschedule the assignments in question for Global for a later date, there were none due for US to begin with.

For both courses: Your vocab quiz is now FRIDAY, your test has been moved to TUESDAY.  Use your extra time wisely.

Have a much better afternoon, I hope to see you tomorrow.  If not, your quiz will still be FRIDAY, so be ready with your work & info crammed into your brains!

And don't forget - talk to an adult (parent, teacher, etc.) about anything you need to, whether it is to vent or for reassurance!  We're here to listen & help!

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