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US History: Chapter 11 Questions

Chapter 11 Questions

Chapter 11 Section 1: The Civil War Begins

1.     What did Confederate soldiers “do” once the South seceded?

2.    Why is Fort Sumter important?

3.    What was Lincoln’s “dilemma” regarding Fort Sumter?

4.    What dilemma did Jefferson Davis face regarding Fort Sumter?

5.    Why was the secession of Virginia a “blow” to the Union?

6.    What were the advantages of the Union?

7.    What were the advantages of the Confederacy?

8.    What was the Union’s military plan?

9.    What was the Confederacy’s military strategy?

10.  Why is Ulysses S. Grant important?

11.  Why is Robert E. Lee important?

12.  Describe the Battle of Antietam.

Chapter 11 Section 2: The Politics of War

1.    Why did England support the South during the Civil War?

2.    Explain Lincoln’s views on slavery.

3.    Why did Lincoln believe he could emancipate slave sin the Confederacy?

4.    Why was emancipation considered a “strategic move” by Lincoln?

5.    To whom did the Emancipation Proclamation apply?

6.    Why were some Northerners displeased with the Emancipation Proclamation?

7.    How did the Emancipation Proclamation end any chance of a compromise between the North & the South?

8.    Why did Lincoln suspend the writ of habeas corpus?

9.    Why did both sides use conscription?

10.  Why did the Draft Riots of New York City happen?

Chapter 11 Section 3: Life During Wartime

1.    Describe the discrimination suffered by African-American soldiers in the military.

2.    How did plantation life change for slaves?

3.    How did plantation life change for owners?

4.    Identify items that were in short supply in the South during the War.

5.    Describe the effects of the shortages experienced by the Confederacy.

6.    How did the War affect the North?

7.    Describe the hardships faced by soldiers on both sides.

8.    Describe the conditions in prisoner of war camps.

9.    Why is Clara Barton important?





Chapter 11 Section 4: The North Takes Charge

1.    Why did the Battle of Gettysburg begin?

2.    Describe the Siege at Vicksburg.

3.    Why does the Gettysburg address remain important today?

4.    Explain the morale in the Confederacy.

5.    How does William Tecumseh Sherman affect the South?

6.    Who won the Election of 1864?

7.    How did the Civil War end?

Chapter 11 Section 5: The Legacy of the War

1.    Describe the political changes that took places as a result of the Civil War.

2.    Describe the economic changes that took place as a result of the Civil War.

3.    Explain the human costs of the Civil War.

4.    Explain the economic costs of the Civil War.

5.    Describe at least 3 advances that came about as a result of the Civil War.

6.    Why is the battle between the Monitor & Merrimack important?

7.    What did the Thirteenth Amendment grant?

8.    How did civilian life change as a result of the Civil War?

9.    How did John Wilkes Booth change our history?

10.  What were the two problems the U.S. faced at the end of the Civil War?



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