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US History: Chapter 13 work posted in Engrade & Edmodod last week due 1/5

This is the Chapter 13 works that was ALREADY SENT TO YOU via Engrade & Edmodo.  Now that I can sort of post here again I'm just also posting it here.

AIM:  How did farmers address common problems?

The Grange Movement
The Populist Party
Cross of Gold

AIM:  Why were Native Americans in crisis?


Homestead Act














Sitting Bull











Custer’s Last Stand













Dawes Act
















Battle of Wounded Knee











Chapter 13 Vocabulary
1.     Great Plains
2.    Homestead Act
3.    Exodusters
4.    Sitting Bull
5.    George Armstrong Custer
6.    Assimilation
7.    Dawes Act
8.    Battle of Wounded Knee
9.    Barbed Wire
10.  Homesteaders
11.  Morrill Land Grant Acts
12.  Bonanza Farms
13.  The Grange
14.  Populism
15.  Bimetalism
16.  William McKinley
17.  William Jennings Bryan
18.  “Cross of Gold” speech
Chapter 13 Questions
Chapter 13 Section 1: Native American Cultures in Crisis
1. Describe the importance of horses to Native American cultures.
2. Describe the importance of buffalo to Native American cultures.
3. Why did settlers push westward?
4. Explain the Homestead Act.
5. Why was the Homestead Act passed?
6. Describe the Sandy Creek Massacre.
7. Why is Sitting Bull important?
8. Why is Custer important?
9. Describe Custer’s last stand.
10. What was the purpose of the Dawes Act?
11. Explain the Ghost Dance.
12. What was the importance of the Battle of Wounded Knee?

Chapter 13 Section 2: The Growth of the Cattle Industry
1. Why were railroads important to ranchers?
2. Describe the life of a cowboy.
3. Explain the purpose of the long drive.

Chapter 13 Section 3: Settling on the Great Plains
1. What were the benefits of homesteading?
2. Why did the frontier close?
3. What were the differences between dugouts & soddies?
4. How did the Morrill Land Grant Acts assist people?
5. Why did farmers go into debt?
6. How did this debt affect farmers?

Chapter 13 Section 4: Farmers & the Populist Movement
1. Why was there a demand for cheaper money?
2. Why were the railroads experiencing problems?
3. Why did the Grange Movement begin?
4. What were the goals of the Grange?
5. Why did Populism develop?
6. What were the goals of the Populist Party?
7. How did the Panic of 1893 affect Americans & American industry?
8. Explain the importance of Bryan’s “Cross of Gold” speech.
9. Why did Populism end?

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