Tuesday, March 24, 2015

ALL 11th GRADERS, no matter what course you are in...

I received an email today that states every single 11th grader MUST update/sign up for Naviance.  There are supposed to be pamphlets for all of you in my mailbox for distribution tomorrow...
That said, here is a quote from the email I received from Administration: 

 "Students will have to log into their existing account.  All students will be required to update their email address.  In addition to all of the useful tools, students will use this program to submit ALL college applications. The directions are included in the pamphlet.  Please assign this as a homework."
I have to send confirmation of your compliance to Mrs. Santorelli & Mr. Abenes by THIS FRIDAY.  Be sure you follow the information above if you have an account already (seems like everyone is required to update their accounts) OR create one NOW if you don't already have one.  Yes, Seniors, I'm sure they mean you as well since it deals with college.  If you are unsure check with Mr. Abenes.
This means I have to count it as a grade, which means you will need to bring me some kind of proof that it was done.  Giving you a heads-up so you can take care of it pronto!

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