Friday, March 6, 2015

All Students: ALSO DUE ON MONDAY 3/9/15

All students are required to submit a parent-signed copy of their current Engrade report on Monday, 3/9/15. 

You only need to print a “cover sheet” (all it needs is your name & current average), not all the grades for the marking period.

Parents & Guardians – please discuss with your student any areas that he/she is not performing to your expectations.  We have just 15 weeks of school – all students need to perform at their best now & for the remainder of the year!

This will count as a test grade so is an easy way to give a little boost to your current average.  It is due on Monday…but be warned, you will lose 20 points for every day it is late.  It is due at the beginning of your class period on Monday, just like any other homework.

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