Tuesday, March 24, 2015

US History: Chapter 20 Questions

Chapter 20 Questions


Chapter 20 Section 1:  Americans Struggle with Postwar Issues

  1. What problems did returning soldiers face?
  2. How did Americans respond to the conditions left by WWI?
  3. Why did the Red Scare begin in the US?
  4. Why did the Palmer Raids occur?
  5. How are Sacco & Vanzetti “victims” of Postwar America?
  6. What became the dominant attitude of Americans during the early 1920s?
  7. Why did the KKK rise again after WWI?
  8. What were the beliefs of the KKK?
  9. Why was the Emergency Quota Act enacted in 1924?
  10. How did the Emergency Quota Act change in 1924?
  11. To whom did immigration quotas not apply?
  12. Why did strikes develop in 1919?
  13. Describe the scene of the Steel Mill strike in 1919.
  14. How was the Coal Miner’s Strike of 1919 different from the Steel Worker’s Strike?
  15. Why did the labor movement lose its momentum during the 1920s?


Chapter 20 Section 2:  The Harding Presidency

  1. What was the goal of the Washington Naval Conference?
  2. What were the issues that developed with France & England repaying their war debts to the US?
  3. How did Dawes help the situation in Germany?
  4. Explain the Dawes Plan.
  5. Why was Harding’s Cabinet filled with problems?
  6. Explain the Teapot Dome Scandal.


Chapter 20 Section 3:  The Business of America

  1. What did Coolidge favor?
  2. Identify four ways the automobile changed America.
  3. How did cars help create “urban sprawl?”
  4. What did the auto industry symbolize?
  5. Identify three ways airplanes changed the US.
  6. What changed the way most Americans lived?
  7. Identify 5 ways electricity changed the US.
  8. How did modern advertising develop?
  9. How did increased production & expansion create trouble by the end of the 1920s?
  10. How did buying goods on credit become a problem by the end of the 1920s?



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