Thursday, September 26, 2013

Almost time for a whole mess of failures...

That's right?  Why?  Because you have a 9 PM deadline to sign into Engrade, access my class, and make sure you can view the power point notes.  I have responded to everyone who posted a comment that they had difficulty up to the time of this post.  I will continue to monitor that post for more signs of trouble until 8:45 PM, at which time I am signing out of the blog.

15 minutes later I will enter 1 of 2 grades for each of you - 100 or 0.

If you were LEGALLY absent today you will have a grace period until tomorrow night.  If you were truant or cutting...sorry.  That's what we call "consequences of your actions."

Get on it, you have just over an hour.

Edited at 8:28 PM:
As of 8:28 PM the following students are signed up with a grade of 100:
Period 2: Andrez, Brenda, Carolina, Claudia, Claudio, Debora, Jawad, Jonathan, Naqi, Raja, Shakeira, Tatiana

Period 3: Alyssa, Ana, Christina, Diego, Edgar G, Edwin R, Karen, Lourdes, Nicholas

Period 4: Bryan, Destiny, Erik, George, iris, Ismael, Jerick, Leon, Melanie, Meybel, both Oscars, Samantha, Shamirah, Yajaira, Ivan S, Julio

Period 6: Alicia, Bekr, Dayana, Erik, Evelyn, Giuseppe, Jasmine, Justine, Karen, Keisha, Kevin, Keyanae, Maria, Rocio, Sabdriel, Yanelis, Luis

Period 7: Alysha, Anthony, Ashley, Christopher, Danny, Jose, Kenverly, Keysy, Michael, Nicole, Sabrina, Patrick, Paola

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